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Welcome to the Genesis Centre

A place for anyone who is searching and aware that life is a journey and looking for ways to better understand the endless possibilities and challenges involved in the process.


Our clinicians are experienced and work in a variety of configurations depending on need. Therapy is often sought out at points of crisis or changes


Our centre offers therapy for couples and families on marital problems, blended family-step parenting, parent child conflict, and separation counselling.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a well-documented discipline that helps the nervous system calm and brings more focus to one’s life.

The Genesis Paradigm

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The Genesis Paradigm comes from a unique perspective the author has developed where the idea is essentially that we are all capable of living our lives to a far greater potential than we do.

However to achieve our potential, we need to develop our inherently creative selves. We need to develop our imaginations to allow ourselves to tap into our higher selves.

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