Jeff Mintz M.S.W., RSW

Jeff Mintz is a registered social worker specializing in working with people of all ages to maximize their potential. He is a mediator, facilitator, author, clinician who uses creativity and imagination to help people achieve their best. He has worked in New York, Israel and Toronto. He was a member of the High Conflict Forum where he is a sought after trainer for the “Children Caught in the Crossfire” training program for professionals working with high conflict couples in the midst of separation and divorce.

Brenda Isen M.S.W., RSW

Brenda Isen is a registered social worker with over 30 years’ experience in working with individuals, families and couples. She has a specific designation in substance use, and concurrent disorder interventions, as well as expertise in the area of high conflict divorce and separation. Brenda has an extensive background in adolescent mental health and developmental issues.

Naomi Levine M.S.W., RSW

Naomi Levine has been practicing as a Toronto-based social worker for over 15 years. She uses the safety of the therapeutic relationship to explore inner conflicts and unhelpful patterns that keep one stuck in distressing cycles of dysregulated mood, behaviour, and relationships. She is trained in trauma-informed approaches, including EMDR. Naomi has practiced in a variety of not-for-profit clinics and in private practice. She also supervises graduate students completing their clinical internships and has been an intersession lecturer at MacMaster University, teaching undergraduate students CBT and mindfulness.