• Individual, Marital and Family Therapy

    Our clinicians are experienced and work in a variety of configurations depending on need. Therapy is often sought out at points of crisis or change. These are times when we are in need of professional intervention. Our centre is founded on the principles that we all deserve to be treated with dignity and the highest professional standards and interventions possible
  • Individual Therapy

    • Grief and Loss
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Low self esteem
    • Career changes
  • Couples and Family Therapy

    • Marital Problems
    • Blended Family-Step Parenting
    • Parent Child Conflict
    • Separation Counselling
  • Mindfulness Training

    Jeff has been helping clients with mindfulness training both in individual sessions as well as group sessions. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a well-documented discipline that helps the nervous system calm and brings more focus to one’s life.
  • Visualization Training

    Both mindfulness and visualization practice can help overcome many obstacles and Jeff has been working with people with chronic pain for many years utilizing these successful methods.
  • Separation and Divorce

    We have a specialty in working with couples in various stages of separation and divorce. We are also available for conjoint marital work which means our therapists work together in the same session with the couple to help them achieve their desired goal. This can be a very emotional time and often the needs of children are overlooked. Our work at the centre helps families reorganize and take everyone’s needs into account.
  • Management Consulting

    In addition, Jeff works as a creative management consultant to organizations looking to develop transformational leadership. This can include tailor made trainings for organizational leadership to ongoing consultation to help your management team operate at its’ best.

    Jeff has published “The Genesis Paradigm: Strategies for Creative Living” available for sale at all leading book sellers. In it Jeff describes the many ways creativity and imagination plays a part in the work we do at the Genesis Centre. (Please see link to Jeff’s book where you can read excerpts)

    He is writing a companion book entitled “The Genesis Paradigm: Strategies for Creative Leadership”

The Genesis Paradigm

genesis cover

The Genesis Paradigm comes from a unique perspective the author has developed where the idea is essentially that we are all capable of living our lives to a far greater potential than we do.

However to achieve our potential, we need to develop our inherently creative selves. We need to develop our imaginations to allow ourselves to tap into our higher selves.

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